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 reviews & Blurbs

"Evocative... Drzal traces the delicate emotions packed into a scene with the precision of a miniaturist. She is particularly skilled at conveying the quality of pleasure taken in the face of loss... [and has] a knack for metaphors so perfect as to seem inevitable." —New York Times Book Review


"Sumptuous...Employing various dishes or meals as Proustian madeleines, the author dives into the sensuous experiences of her life."—Booklist


“Dawn Drzal may not be a household name, though that could soon change. Her new food memoir...checks all the right boxes: It offers great storytelling, memorable foods and essential life lessons imparted from the kitchen."—Portland Press Herald


"Leave[s] readers hungry by association, as Drzal strongly connects intimacy with eating, offering portraits of who she chooses to share meals with, recalling the influence of M.F.K. Fisher."—Library Journal


"Each of the twenty-six brief, glowing chapters in this book unwraps a food memory . . . arranged A to Z, and you'll
wish the alphabet had more letters just so Dawn Drzal would keep on writing.”—Laura Shapiro, author of What She

Ate, Julia Child, Something from the Oven, and Perfection Salad

"Let me assure you, you are in for a vicarious gastronomic treat with 0 calories.... It is touching, comical, and winsome. I loved it.”—Books Is Wonderful

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